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Lettuce Care

Personal Assistant Services

Owners Jacob and Heather at the hardware store in front of a battery display. Heather's hands are full of boxes of various lightbulb shapes and sizes.
Headshot of owner Heather looking very fancy and smiling at the camera

Co-owner Heather is our personal assistant and organizational guru on staff. If you call or email the office, chances are, you will speak to her. She handles home, garage, pantry, and attic organization projects, as well as "personal services" such as errands, furniture assembly and light maintenance. She worked eight years in insurance (employee benefits) and two in fine jewelry before founding Lettuce Services, so she is a reliable partner for high-trust projects that require both discretion and privacy.

We're highly experienced in these fields



Need to clone yourself but worried who you can rely on for high-trust jobs you need to happen on time and discretely? We can run your errands. Whether that's picking up prescriptions or documents, placing food or vendor orders, or standing in line for you to get coveted tickets, you can count on us to be on time and do it right where and when it counts. | $35+ per hour + $.80 per mile


Furniture Assembly

We know, we know. You ordered that beautiful flat-pack piece that will round out your room, but you've been staring at the box for weeks because it feels so daunting. Don't worry -- we've got you! | $30+ per hour + $.80 per mile


Wash, Dry, & Fold Laundry Services

We pick up your laundry from your residence or office, then wash, dry, fold, weigh, and return to your front door in the container you sent it in. We can use our in-house detergent that fights hard water buildup, or you can send your own. Schedule in advance for 24 hour turnaround on up to 3 loads. | $2 per dried pound + $.80 per mile 


Light Event or Party Planning 

Have a special occasion, an idea, and a budget, but no idea what's next or how to make the time for it? That's where we come in! From finding and scheduling vendors, to food pickups and dropoffs the day of your event, to writing thank you cards after the fact, we'll make you the life of your party or function. | $40+ per hour + $.80 per mile


Home Organizing

Frustrated with the messy, disorganized life on this corporeal plane? Us, too. We can help you reclaim your space and get excited about your home again. Garages, attics, closets, pantries... wherever your possessions have crowded at your happiness -- we can organize it all. | $50+ per hour + $.80 per mile


Light Pet Care

There are a lot of amazing pet care companies in the area that you should utilize for ongoing service, but if any of our clients of record are in a pinch, we've been known to walk a dog or two. | $25+ for 20 minute walk + $.80 per mile driven 


Light Maintenance

Need an air filter or a lightbulb changed? Need someone to dust your outdoor fixtures? We help with the things you could probably do, but it's best to let the insured professionals with a ladder handle it. [Note: Our tallest ladder reaches 26' when leaned up against the wall or 15' as an A-frame. If your job requires more height than that, you will need to provide your own or pay for a rental.] | $40+ per hour + $.80 per mile


Allergy-Friendly Custom Meal Planning

Our Lettuce Care expert assistant has celiac disease and an allergy to whey protein and to quinoa, so she knows a thing or two about allergen-avoidance and cross-contact concerns. Need someone to make a monthly meal plan tailored to your family's unique dietary needs and culinary preferences? We're here for you! | $100 for 30 meals: digital file with clickable links and in-line recipes delivered electronically


Note: Hourly rates listed above are starting rates. If your project requires more expertise, heavy lifting or equipment use or transport, you may have a higher rate. Car mileage, where it applies, is calculated from Minneola Hills.

Don't see your need listed here? Just ask! 

Everything on our services list above started as an Ask. There's a chance we've done or could do the job you need done. Just give us a shout and ask. 

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Robb Walters

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